My American Kitchen, a love story of recipes


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I am a Kenyan expat living in the US. Scrumplicious Food came together in my American Kitchen. Through this food- photography blog, I share with you my Kenyan- American experiences and what has now become my love story with food recipes, food travel, food adventures and food photography.

Credit goes to my hubby, who introduced me to the simple pleasures of taking time out to cook. Every week we recreate his own mesmerizing childhood recipes.  Classic American dishes like Hamburgers, Muffins, Mac and Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, Meat Loaf and his favourite dessert of all time, Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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I, in turn spend time sharing my love for enticing Kenyan foods like Pilau (rice pilaf with special seasoning) , Beef stew, Samosas ( beef or veggie pastry), Maandazi (donut), Chapati( flat, pita like bread), Ndengu (moong beans), Mukimo and Chicken.

Because we have had different experiences with food, and now have different tastes and preferences, our food adventures have been oh-so- interesting, and dare I say oh-so- delicious. We have learned how to entertain each others need for spice or sugar, stew or burger, rice or sphaghetti, chicken or beef, beans or peas and so much more.


My desire to learn how to cook was fortified when my mum gave me a cook book for our wedding present. The cook book had beautiful pictures, easy to read recipes and easy to cook meals. What a blessing it was at such a crucial time of my life.  As a new bride I had to learn fast! And I did!

My goal through our combined culinary journey is to share with you similar tips on how easy it is to cook using easy to understand recipes and easy to find ingredients.  My American Kitchen now serves as my food prepping, food testing, food blogging and food photography studio.

Hopefully, my food photography is good enough to tantalize all of your senses and leave you asking for more.



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