Apr 032012

My special order is the Grilled Filet Salmon steak (always moist and tender and grilled to perfection) and a side of loaded Sweet Potato and veggies.

Oh how we love Texas Road House! (TRH). This is one of our special places to go for special events like birthdays, anniversaries and any big celebrations. We love the way the place makes you feel; like you have gone back into time. The warmth from the wood panels and the never ending buckets of peanuts are very welcoming. If you are a party of two ask if you can seat at the bar area. If you are lucky, you get to seat down right away and avoid the long waits.

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The food is to die for: First to whet your appetite, comes warm fresh bread with a cinnamon flavored butter, and your drink of choice. Next comes the Menu.

The Menu is not complicated and offers a wide range of dishes. However we have our favorites and don’t even bother to look through anymore.  When we go to TRH, we already know what we want to eat.  Me: My Salmon steak and Sweet Potato above and Him: His Filet Steak and loaded Baked potato below.  It’s really the reason we ever go to TRH.

Hubbie always gets the Dallas Filet 8 oz Steak, (a lean steak that he says is better every time) and a loaded Baked Potato.

On the weekends it is best to call ahead if you mind waiting. If not, then you may have to enjoy the roomy waiting area, eat some peanuts while you people watch, listen to music, while you wait for your name to be called.

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