Aug 212015

Wright Photo Studios- Travel img_3402

1. Location and Parking

Right in the heart of Edmond, a burgeoning suburb in Oklahoma is 250 acres of land set aside for the beautiful Mitch Park. This park can be accessed on W. Covell Rd in between N.Kelly and N. Santa Fe and also on Santa Fe between W.Covell and W.Coffee Creek Rd.

At the main entrance on W. Covell you are welcomed by a statue of Sacagawea.

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Jul 162015

Wright Photo Studios - Crestview FarmIMG_1945

We spent an afternoon looking through this organic and locally owned farm in Arcadia, OK. The owner was pleasant and very kind to allow us to walk around.

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Jun 252015

Wright Photo Studios_MG_7312

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May 232014

Wright Photo Studios - Food- Kenyan Samosas

Kenyan Samosa

A savory snack made of delicious ground beef  cooked with onion and garlic, seasoned with garam masala, chili pepper, black pepper, salt. All that goodness wrapped in a crunchy pastry dough.

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Apr 112014

Wright Photo Studios- Culture,Fashion, Senior1749 

We shot this for a Senior photography. It was great. Miss J, brought it with this purple off the shoulder dress accentuated by a colorful beaded belt  sitting above the waist.

                                            We are inspired by her style and are constantly looking for more opportunities.

  Check out fabulous Designs, Colors and Patterns  on our Pinterest page below:

    Culture and Fashion Photography


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