Aug 252016


I love to make a big bowl of this coleslaw because it is so versatile, it’s goes well with most  dishes and best of all it’s made with two ingredients that you can find just about anywhere. Fresh cabbage and fresh carrots!  Add a little bit of freshly made dressing and you have yourself a delicious homemade coleslaw.  Let me show you how to make it.

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Mar 172016

This soup is inspired by an older recipe from days gone by when people sat around the camp fire, cooking stews and soups in a huge cast iron pot over a hot fire, talking about their day as the sun went down and the crickets began to chirp.  Maybe you would like to do the same with your family. You could sit around a “camp fire” by  putting your soup in a crock pot and spend time playing some card games or board games, or making a delicious corn bread to go with the soup. Happy Cooking!

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Jan 052016

WPS food- salad 

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Nov 052015

This year, I decided to create a new motto for my family. “To be healthy and strong you need to eat from the earth.”

I have known this to be true for all my life. While growing up in Kenya, we always ate fresh wholesome foods, 2-4-7. We had a garden in our backyard that produced bright orange carrots, variety of green and brown beans, snappy peas, soft fresh maize, brilliantly green kale, dark green spinach, juicy red tomatoes, and other yummy foods. This tradition continues today. My folks are proud gardeners to this day and when I visit, I enjoy eating all the goodies. I especially love all the different varieties of bananas. Fresh plantain anyone? and having fresh eggs for breakfast.

Wrigh Photo Studios - Travel_MG_9385

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Jul 112014

Wright Photo Studios-Food. Shepherd's Pie with a Kenyan Twist.

Shepherd’s Pie with a Kenyan twist.

This dish was inspired by a visit to the Londoner in Addison, Texas. Here they serve all things English, and Kenyan cooking is very much influenced by English cooking.

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