Jun 122014

Wright Photo Studios-Food. Kenyan Pancakes.

Kenyan Pancakes.

Lately I have been missing pancakes; Not just any pancake, but the pancakes that I used to eat at home when we were kids.

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Jun 062014

Wright Photo Studios-Food  _MG_6929

Breakfast is not complete without some form of yogurt. I have been trying different yogurts and on this particular day decided to try Activia in my oatmeal.

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May 232014

Wright Photo Studios - Food- Kenyan Samosas

Kenyan Samosa

A savory snack made of delicious ground beef  cooked with onion and garlic, seasoned with garam masala, chili pepper, black pepper, salt. All that goodness wrapped in a crunchy pastry dough.

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Apr 122014

Black Eyed Pea Salad_MG_7934_edited-1

This is a healthy and wholesome salad, that tastes good both warm or at room temperature. You can have this salad as an appetizer or a light lunch, when you are on the go.

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