Apr 042014

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Feeling like u need a little pick me up? Then sit down with a hot cup of Kenyan Tea ( hot black tea with a dash of milk spiced up with Tea Masala) and these delicious cardamon flavoured Mahamri. (mini-donuts)

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Oct 042013

Scrumplicious Food! Blog_MG_1484

Whenever you travel on Virgin Atlantic, you will be delighted by the flight attendants when they come by and ask the passengers if they would like to have any tea or any coffee?

It is with this in mind that I decided to have a little bit of fun in the kitchen.

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Oct 012013

Scrumplicious Food! Blog_MG_1321

Looking for Kenyan spices, tea, jam, cereals, chapati, or beans? Here is a short but great list of typical Kenyan food currently available in stores around the USA.

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Sep 132013

Scrumplicious Food! Blog_MG_3367

Plantains are a good source for a quick and fan snack option.

Plantain are like bananas only they are still green and used for cooking. I love to substitute and found that, what I can do with a potato I can do with plantain.  Here is how to make simple and delicious plantain snacks. I chose to make Round Bites and Plantain Chips.

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Jun 122013

Scrumplicious Food! Blog _MG_2064

Scrumplicious Food! Blog _MG_2046

Want some great Ethiopian and Kenyan food?

Head on down to Haiget’s new location.  Haiget’s catering is now Haiget’s Restaurant. Haiget recently opened her restaurant and is bringing local East African fare to Edmond, Oklahoma City and the Metro area of Oklahoma.

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