Apr 092014

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Looking for a great experience at a local coffee shop. Cuppies and Joe on NW 23rd Street, Oklahoma City is it.

The coffee shop used to be a house. So don’t be surprised to find yourself in what used to be a living room/dining room or bedroom space.

They have a great selection of  hot and cold drinks for you to indulge in. We went with  the Machiato a 30z drink converted into a 10 oz cup of gold and Hot Chocolate, both served with a frothy topping of cream. Mmmh delicious!

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 We love the vibe of the place. Guests chit chat on reclaimed chairs, coffees and teas on tables that show their age and huge windows that let in great light as the sun sets beyond the horizon.

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Select from a wide variety of cupcakes with cool names like the Donnie Darko a  chocolate Italian cream cake muffin infused with shredded coconut and pecans and the Peanut Butter Solution a muffin loaded with pieces of Peanut Butter. They warm it just a tud so that you have a nice creamy delight on the first bite.

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Their menu varies from day to day and you may find Sunrise Sunset, Mary Poppins, Horse Bite and more…..

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Such a cute darling of a coffee shop. You simply have to check it out!

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