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Sitting on the corner of Frankford Road and the Dallas Tollway, is this great Hamburger stop. It’s a place to explore great flavour that will tantalize your taste buds.

Just what you need for a good hamburger fix.

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Wright Photo Studios - Food. Fuddruckers Hamburgers.

Select from a wide variety of patty sizes:  1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 1 lb.  

Load it up with cheese or leave it bare.

They grill your patty soon after you order.

They then place the party in a sesame topped bun, slightly grilled. Yum!

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Then comes the Freestyle salad bar.

A haven for those of us who love green, yellow, red and all things veggie.

Select any kind and any amount of  veggies , did you get that? ANY KIND , ANY AMOUNT that you like from this  fresh produce salad bar.

Pick as much lettuce (romaine or iceberg), diced onion, red tomato slices, dill pickles, pico de gallo and pile them high on your plate.

“OHHH I would eat here, any chance I got.”

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Pour out as much ketchup, honey mustard, yellow mustard, house sauces as you like. -  I was blown away by their selection.

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Then sit down on a checkered table, assemble your burger, and dig in.


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 Large windows bring in natural light and create a relaxing ambiance.

See how these tables, booths, art on the walls and and the decor pop!

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For more tantalizing ideas on what you can get here, click below:

Fuddruckers Menu.



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For information on location, telephone and opening hours,

go to my Urbanspoon blog review here:

Fuddruckers on Urbanspoon

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