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This year, I decided to create a new motto for my family. “To be healthy and strong you need to eat from the earth.”

I have known this to be true for all my life. While growing up in Kenya, we always ate fresh wholesome foods, 2-4-7. We had a garden in our backyard that produced bright orange carrots, variety of green and brown beans, snappy peas, soft fresh maize, brilliantly green kale, dark green spinach, juicy red tomatoes, and other yummy foods. This tradition continues today. My folks are proud gardeners to this day and when I visit, I enjoy eating all the goodies. I especially love all the different varieties of bananas. Fresh plantain anyone? and having fresh eggs for breakfast.

Wrigh Photo Studios - Travel_MG_9385

Fresh veggies-Farmers Market- Dallas

Fresh veggies-Farmers Market- Dallas

So, I made a pact with myself. I wanted to start my childhood eating habits again. This included buying fresh fruits and vegetables every single week. I tossed the canned goods and frozen items. Today, I relish eating my fresh bananas, strawberries, mangoes, oranges, grapes and our current favourite avocados.  I added kale, spinach, coloured greens to the list and now every time we eat, we make sure that our plates are beautifully designed with 1/2 the plate showing beautiful colored vegetables and the other 1/2, a combo of protein and carbohydrates and for dessert delicious slices of oranges, sweet crisp grapes or yummy juicy mangoes.

oranges are vit c for life

oranges are vit c for life

Wright Photo Studios-Food. Shepherd's Pie with a Kenyan Twist.

It’s not too hard to figure it out.

Here are some examples: Healthy Eating Plate- Havard.Edu


Food plate HEPJan2015-1024x808


I love how the Soul Nutrition puts in…My-Happiness-Food-Plate



Don’t forget this principle of 1/2 vegetables and fruits and 1/2 protein and carbs applies to the kids too.



So go on, be kind to yourself. Eat from the earth and see yourself get strong and stay healthy.

Black Eyed Pea salad_MG_7923Have a scrumplicious day!


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