Mar 012016

This Njahi and Turkey stew video is inspired by a ham and bean soup that we made. I thought that if I could substitute the pinto beans for njahi beans and the ham for ground turkey, I would make some magic.

Well, it turned out great. It was delicious, filling and warming to the soul. The meal was a hit.The njahi beans blended very well with the turkey. My home made turkey broth was bold and provided additional depth of flavour. The coconut gave the stew a creamy texture and the coriander, chilli pepper, cumin and Pilau masala made my taste buds dance.

That is what you get when you are brave enough to try out new ingredients in a new recipe. Hope you are inspired today to  look in your pantry and call on your inner cooking guru to do the same.

Happy Cooking!

p.s  Because this dish turned out so good, I was inspired to submitted this video for the Create TV cooking challenge.  Wish me luck!

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