Jun 252013

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As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been craving everything tropical for some reason. In Kenya we drink Mango juice 247. Once the mangoes are in season, they are juiced and the concentrate frozen to supply mango juice lovers  a sweet,delicate and satisfying drink year round.

So, today I will share my obsession for mangoes and mango juice.

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Mango is the best fruit in all of the world. Mango juice is the best fruit juice in all of the world. A huge favourite in Kenya.

You can eat mango as is. Just peel, with a potato peeler or knife, cube the fruit and enjoy.  You could also sprinkle a  dash of chilli powder-salt mix on the mango. This brings out the juicy-ness and fruity-ness of the mango.

OR…. you could make Mango Juice.

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Mango juice is what I call my happy drink. I love mango juice so much, that I always have some in the fridge, like most people have soda pop or jug of milk.

Mango juice is best when chilled. It has a smooth, velvety taste.

I love how this sweet, smooth and creamy refreshment feels around my tastebuds when I swirl it around my tongue. It evoks scents, sounds, tastes and longing for a land far far away, a tropical land, a land I call home. Go Kenya!

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I have been drinking this Mango juice made by Jumex for some years now. It has become my summer drink for sure.

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THEN, recently I discovered this Mango Juice from Suntropics. I almost jumped off my skin. I added it to my shopping cart, without blinking.  All that mattered was that I had discovered another Mango drink! How awesome was that?

I now have two choices. The Jumex canned juice for when I am on the road and the Suntropics carton juice for home use.

Since my chance discovery of the Suntropics Manjo juice, I have been on a mangolicious overdrive. I pour a glass every morning and savour every drop. I pour it into my fruit salads.  I add it to my green smoothies and soon will figure out how to add it to my yogurt smoothies for those lazy summer days when I have time to experiment.

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So, next time you are shopping at Walmart or Sprouts stock up on some Mango juice. Your tastebuds will thank you.

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