Jul 072012

If you have never been to McAlister’s you are in for a nice surprise. This place is packed at lunch time and the line is to the door. You will find that it is airy and light inside, very inviting and a great place to have lunch. The line moves pretty fast and there is always sitting by the time you get to the tables.

They have a breadth of sandwiches that will blow your mind away. From hot sandwiches like the New Orleans Muffuletta, to the classic sandiwiches like the BLT, to club sandwiches like Orange Cranberry Club and to my all time favorite the grilled sandwhich like the Spicy Southwest Chicken Griller.

I like the selection of half a sandwich and a bowl of soup. I find sandwiches taste better if I have some soup. My favorite is the chicken tortilla soup. I could gulp this thing down in two swallows. It’s that great.

McAlister's Deli on Urbanspoon

Now don’t forget to consider the salads. You can get Italian Chopped Salad, Grilled Chicken salad, Southwest Cobb and more. The salads come in a big big bowl and I have been told it is worth the size as well as the price.

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