Aug 302012

We enjoyed this new breakfast cereal so much, we could not resist but make it a staple in our home. This is the easiest thing you could do to start your family off to healthy eating. Learn how easy it is to make Muesli.

Here is the pre-baked version of all the dry ingredients: Delicious and healthy oats, almonds, currants/raisins, brown sugar, shredded coconut, bran, sunflower seeds,  plus honey and olive oil……..

Here is the baked version……..slightly toasted and ready to eat as is or with soy milk, regular milk or yogurt. (Writing about this takes me to another world)

Kid you not. It will fill you up all morning, all the way past lunch time. No need for snacking or big lunches. You may even loose some weight with this great cereal from the Swiss Alps.

We Love Muesli and we will never again buy cereal in a box again. NEVER!

Apparently I am not the only one who likes making homemade cereal. Krissy’s Creations makes a great Apricot Cherry Blueberry Granola.

  2 Responses to “Food: Muesli – Yet again! A healthy breakfast cereal!”

  1. I tasted it at your house and loved it!

  2. […] nuts. All this combined with coconut flakes, honey and toasted nuts served over yogurt, makes this easy to make breakfast a must have in our […]

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