Jun 072013

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Sometimes, when I am not in the mood to cook or I am out shopping or need a break from my kitchen I often stop at fast food restaurants for a quick bite.

On this day, I was out with hubby and we decided to take it slow and chill out at a place we could just relax and eat without the complications of ordering from a huge menu. We decided on the new Chick-Fil-A in Edmond on 2nd Street. It is a relatively new location and we were interested in finding out what it had to offer.

The menu like all fast food places is simple and easy to use. However, just as I was ordering my “3 piece chicken strips, no fries, substitute with carrot salad,  and orange juice “, which I had memorized from many visits to the mall, I was sad to learn that my most favourite side dish Carrot Salad was no more. I was baffled, confused and displeased. So many emotions ran through me in that split second. I could not believe it!  So to counter all the confusion in my system, and still in disbelieve, I decided to treat myself to a yogurt parfait with my meal of “3 piece chicken strips, no fries, no carrot salad and orange juice”.

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As usual the chicken was on point. It was tasty, moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

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We got three sauces.  We had lots of fun trying each one.  Hubby thinks that the Chick-Fil-A sauce rocks. I think the buffalo chicken sauce rocks even more. The reason being that it is HOT!  I mean CHILLI PEPPER HOT, with just the right amount of kick to it.

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Here is my orange juice. I always get orange juice. Much better and healthier than having a soda pop. “Yikes! Did I just say that?” I always wonder why people say that? It should be either a soda or a pop?

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My yogurt parfait without granola.

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My yogurt parfait with granola.. You get a choice of granola or chocolate chip. I got the granola as a topper. I like the crunch.

While it did not completely replace my beloved carrot salad, I will admit that the parfait was DELICIOUS!. And now…..THAT may be the only reason I go back to Chick-Fil-A.

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