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If you know anyone who owns a pikipiki (motorcycle), then you know that they must love it to bits. Yesterday hubby and a friend of ours were talking “motorcycles” and it seemed like the conversation would never end.

They talked about what brand they own, where they bought it, how the bought it, why they bought it. Which brand is the best. That the Harley is the best brand, while they compared the merits of the Harley Davidson to other brands.

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Scrumplicious Food! Blog _MG_8475

They talked about how their motorcycles ride, where you should ride, when you should ride, which road to ride on, describing different roads and why those roads are great for riding.  They got excited about how freeing it is and why they cannot imagine not owning one.  They continued with what color their rides were, what color paint job they wanted them to have.  Why some colors look better than others. What the handle bars do, what kind of handle bars they wished they had, how comfortable and or uncomfortable some handle bars are………… and on and on and on.

Flawless design on wheels and speedometer.

Not saying that I don’t like motorcycles, but WOW!. It is fascinating to listen to motorcycle talk, so much so that I wanted to share some images of a trip we took to take the pikipiki out on the road. Our choice was the mother road….Route 66!

Scrumplicious Food! Blog _MG_8454

Scrumplicious Food! Blog IMG_8442

So, there happens to be a very old gas station on Route 66 and that was the perfect spot for a break and a great place to take pictures of our hog!

Gas Station still standing.


Hope you are inspired to be passionate about your hobbies and believe in all that they inspire you to be.

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