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I have been cooking Kenyan dishes with dhania forever. Dhania as used in Kenya is the local name for cilantro or green leaf coriander. It is typically used to season beef dishes. I love it in beef stew and usually add it in the stew to get it’s full aroma. It enhances tastes of Samosas too.

Coriander refers to the seeds. For full flavour, coriander seeds are ground, or broken down in a mortar and pestle. Small quantities are enough to season sausage, soup, or Bhajia, a quick and easy potato fritters treat.

Cilantro is fragrant and has a strong flavour, so you should limit the use, unless you like to have your dishes well seasoned. Use it when making salsa, chutneys, guacamole, veggie burger or even to salad.


Tips from other sources:

Some of the health benefits of coriander include: improving digestion, enhancing appetite and lowering blood sugar. It is also used used in teas and aromatherapy.

Check out this take on the differences between coriander and cilantro

Learn what else you can do with coriander from other coriander fans who made Chutneys, Rice and Veggie Burgers.

Coriander is easy to grow. Find out how with this easy to follow guide.

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  1. […] recently discovered that I had been missing out on coriander seeds. I usually cook with dhania,the coriander plant aka cilantro and hardly ever used  the coriander […]

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