Jul 092013

Scrumplicious Food! Blog_MG_2239

I love papaya. I have not had papaya in a long long time and when I saw it at the Indian grocery, I just had to have it.

Maybe it was this tree that I saw in Florida that got me thinking about papaya or may be it is a hunger for everything tropical that I seem to have these days. Continue reading »

Jun 252013

Scrumplicious Food! Blog_MG_2321

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been craving everything tropical for some reason. In Kenya we drink Mango juice 247. Once the mangoes are in season, they are juiced and the concentrate frozen to supply mango juice lovers  a sweet,delicate and satisfying drink year round.

So, today I will share my obsession for mangoes and mango juice.

Continue reading »

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