Apr 262012

Sfuzzi menu

My most favorite place to hang out in Dallas is this great Pizza place called Sfuzzi, located in Uptown Dallas, TX.
We happened to bump into this historic restaurant one Memorial weekend and have never forgotten how cozy it was, how welcomed we felt and how we were treated like royalty. The open wrap around and covered patio with numerous cooling misters drew us in. We were hot from the walk down McKinney Avenue and needed to cool down.

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Oct 162010

I was about to go pick cake for a birthday treat when I thought, why not turn it up a notch? Why not get pizza? So, I  drove on to Papa Murphy’s where they guarantee a fresh pizza with ingredients of your choice, made right before your eyes.

The trick is, you have to take the pizza home and bake it. I thought that was a really nice idea. When I got home, I was surprised to find that the pizza was quite a hit. The birthday boy was besides himself. Cake, who needs cake?
Papa Murphy's Take 'n' Bake on Urbanspoon

So, there you go! Check out this 14″ delight! (yes! we measured). Get the pizza and make it an experience your family will never forget!  $4.99 plus tax, (when I got it)  makes it a pretty good deal for  Friday night or that busy Monday night when you are too exhausted to cook. Check the website, enter your  zip code and get coupons for your area.

Jul 172010

The food: Pizza

The place: Old Chicago

We went for the “All you can eat Pizza” buffet! At least that is what I call it. This was actually the fourth time we had been here. Once, for the Double Decoroni  and the other three times the Pizza buffet! But, I was in for a fat surprise.  There was a ton of pepperoni pizza and tons of mushroom pizza and nothing else. What! It’s a buffet and I wanted variety.  I was not thrilled by the lack of “supreme like” pizza. I am a girl and I need to eat my veggies. Finally after gnawing on a couple of mushroom/pepperoni i broke down and finally asked for a special order. It’s my money right?, I get what I want!

When it came, I was besides myself. I ended up eating so much I could not talk. I vowed that next time, instead of going for the buffet, I will order my very own “all meat pizza with endless toppings of olives, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, mushrooms…. Yummy!
Old Chicago on Urbanspoon

Scrumplicious rating: 8/10 because I had to request for, nay, beg for my kinda pizza, but…. I don’t regret it! I’ll definitely be back!

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