Jul 172010

The food: Pizza

The place: Old Chicago

We went for the “All you can eat Pizza” buffet! At least that is what I call it. This was actually the fourth time we had been here. Once, for the Double Decoroni  and the other three times the Pizza buffet! But, I was in for a fat surprise.  There was a ton of pepperoni pizza and tons of mushroom pizza and nothing else. What! It’s a buffet and I wanted variety.  I was not thrilled by the lack of “supreme like” pizza. I am a girl and I need to eat my veggies. Finally after gnawing on a couple of mushroom/pepperoni i broke down and finally asked for a special order. It’s my money right?, I get what I want!

When it came, I was besides myself. I ended up eating so much I could not talk. I vowed that next time, instead of going for the buffet, I will order my very own “all meat pizza with endless toppings of olives, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, mushrooms…. Yummy!
Old Chicago on Urbanspoon

Scrumplicious rating: 8/10 because I had to request for, nay, beg for my kinda pizza, but…. I don’t regret it! I’ll definitely be back!

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