May 122016
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If a Kenyan ever invites you to their home and they say come to lunch be ready for something extraordinary. You see, lunch is not a one pot dish like a casserole or a simple meal of fries and sausage. Ohhhh nooo!!!. Lunch is something much bigger. You will find yourself at a table full of so many dishes that you begin to ask if you are at the right house. You see it’s custom to treat your guests to a sumptuous meal with a wide variety of meats, vegetables and starches, so big and so varied that they will never forget. Seriously, it’s an interesting trend. The families go all out. You would think their daughter was getting married!

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Jan 052016

WPS food- salad 

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Jul 182014

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Sitting on the corner of Frankford Road and the Dallas Tollway, is this great Hamburger stop. It’s a place to explore great flavour that will tantalize your taste buds.

Just what you need for a good hamburger fix.

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May 132014

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An easy breezy meal to make.

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Apr 092014

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Looking for a great experience at a local coffee shop. Cuppies and Joe on NW 23rd Street, Oklahoma City is it.

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