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1. Location and Parking

Right in the heart of Edmond, a burgeoning suburb in Oklahoma is 250 acres of land set aside for the beautiful Mitch Park. This park can be accessed on W. Covell Rd in between N.Kelly and N. Santa Fe and also on Santa Fe between W.Covell and W.Coffee Creek Rd.

At the main entrance on W. Covell you are welcomed by a statue of Sacagawea.


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Drive straight through to find parking. There is plenty of parking, so feel free to park anywhere.




 2. All access pass

We love this park because it provides opportunities for people of all ages, and for all kinds of different activities. Here you have access to indoor and outdoor activities.

You will see three main buildings. The Senior Center, the Parks and Recreation building and the Mitch Park YMCA. The Senior Center offers weekly activities like  line dancing, jazzercise, tai chi, zumba, card games, scrabble and even a Senior Meal Program. Businesses are encouraged to participate. Find out more about regular scheduled activities.

The YMCA requires a membership. One day passes are available if you would like to enjoy the facilities for a short time. Here you can enjoy a state of the art recreation and aquatic Center. A one mile track to run and walk, an indoor gymnasium for basketball, volleyball or soccer and, a leisure pool and water programs for children, adults and anyone  needing a little special attention and needs rehabilitation. Here is more about the YMCA.

3. Open dawn to dusk

The park is free to the public and is open from sunrise to sunset. So feel free to go and indulge any time of the day. Right by the Sacagawea statue are some beautiful flowers and a bench you can sit on and enjoy the tranquility of the park.

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Want to know more? Click below for detailed information.

Mitch Park, Edmond, OK

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