Apr 022014

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Looking for a great place to hang out in Oklahoma?  Visit the  Chickasaw Cultural Center. It  is packed with history and culture. You will need to have eaten to get energy to walk around the grounds, all of 109 acres. There is lots to do. Get a map at the visitor’s center and information about the Exhibit center, Anoli theater, Traditional Village, Amphitheater, Honor Grounds and more.

Just don’t go in the middle of summer. It’s too hot to walk around and enjoy the full benefit of all the exhibitions.If you do, carry a drink with you to hydrate. There are many indoor exhibits to keep you entertained if you can’t be outdoors for too long.

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We ended up getting a ride back to the main building. We were sooooo….. glad to get air conditioning. We spent our time cooling off in the well stocked museum. We intend to return for the shows, dances and storytelling days that are so integral to continuation of the Chickasaw heritage. It’s a real treat. Get Center Information here.

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Oklahoma has tons more to do. We love the parks, casinos, zoos, year round events, the lakes, outdoor activities, restaurants, a good night scene at Bricktown in downtown OKC, sports and plenty more. You will love this link from Travel OK!

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