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Wright Photo Studios-Travelimg_9371Farmer’s Branch

  This is a great place to visit. It is best to take a personal guided tour. A  caretaker on the ground will be your guide. He or she will share information about how life was in the 18th – 19th centuries. You will get an idea of the type of homes, log cabins, even simple rooms built by families in the early settlement days.

 You will see homes belonging to the pioneers of Farmer’s Branch town. One house stands in its original place, while others have been brought in from other parts of the state of Texas. The grounds have a school, church and other buildings.

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 A Victorian home on the grounds  has been redone to show the rich colors, beautiful tones, ornate designs and style and splendor of the wealthy. Elegant and intricately designed wallpaper adorn high ceilings and walls in the family room, dining room, bedroom and parlor room and entry way of the home that housed a family of nine. Simply gorgeous! No pictures are allowed, so you have to go in and see for yourself.

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 Get into the caboose used by train workers who took care of trains traversing the countryside.

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Visit a Grocery Store, Gas Station and visualize yourself shopping in days gone by.

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 What a nice way to spend a day! We felt like we were back in the past and half expected to see the train move and have people come around to shop at the very well stocked General Store.

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