Jun 252014

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The Londoner Restaurant

This is my second time visiting the Londoner.  I absolutely love this restaurant. It reminds me of my trips to London and Dublin.

Step in and be transported back to England. You will get a true taste of an English restaurant.  Marvel  in the brick walls, dark interior, dark wood furniture pieces, high chairs,union jack pictures and great ambiance that is so typical of English pubs.

Wright Photo Studios - Travel. The Londoner.

Wright Photo Studios - Travel. Fans getting ready for football game at the Londoner Pub.


Wright Photo Studios - Travel. Famous Shepherd's Pie at the Londoner.

It was a Sunday and wanted to have a relaxing Brunch (served between 10.00 a.m. and 3.00 p.m).  Shepherd’s Pie was on our mind.

When we got there, we were surprised to find that a soccer match between Real Madrid and Barcelona was just about to start. We decided to sit in with the electrified fans.

Wright Photo Studios - Travel. The Londoner Football game.

There was tension as soon as the game started and Barcelona scored their first goal. Fans were jumping up and down, hugging and high-fiving each other. It was great! we got into it and started cheering and clapping. By half time the score was 2-2, and soon after we were treated to 20 minutes of action on the field.

 Wright Photo Studios - Travel. The Londoner during a football game.

Wright Photo Studios - Travel. The Londoner during a football game.

 By that time, the score was 3-3 and silence had fallen over the restaurant. The minutes ticked by. Fans were getting weary but, in the final moments, Barcelona got a free kick from a penalty and scored the winning goal for a final score of 3-4 http://www.sofascore.com/real-madrid-barcelona/rgbsEgb.Watch it here.

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It was simply fantastic! A great game, a great lunch.

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The Londoner is an absolute treat. A soccer schedule is posted all over the pub.

So, find out when the next games play and go watch a soccer game. It is a great way to spend 90 minutes of your life.

Wright Photo Studios - Travel. The Londoner Restaurant.

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Wright Photo Studios - Travel. The Londoner, Addison, TX

Wright Photo Studios - Travel. Londoner Restaurant.

Check out the Londoner website here.

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