Jul 092013

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I love papaya. I have not had papaya in a long long time and when I saw it at the Indian grocery, I just had to have it.

Maybe it was this tree that I saw in Florida that got me thinking about papaya or may be it is a hunger for everything tropical that I seem to have these days.

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Papayas are packed with nutritional goodness and are easy to prepare.

I like to just slice it lengthwise, take out the seeds. Eat as is.

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You could also squeeze some lemon juice over each slice and enjoy the sweet tangy flavours.

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You could put it in a fruit salad and enjoy the mix with grapes, apples, bananas and passion or mango juice.

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You can find papayas at most natural food stores, and to my excitement a supermarket that I recently discovered. It carries huge papayas that promise a punch of tropical goodness.


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