Jun 052012

Have you had a chance to try the Oikos Greek Non fat Yogurt By Dannon?

Well, I did this last week. I must say I was surprised. I tried two different kinds: The Lime Yogurt and the Blueberry ( fruit is at the bottom of yogurt) Yogurt.

I liked the idea of mixing up my fruit and enjoying a little bit of plain yogurt and a little bit of fruity yogurt as I went. I enjoyed the blueberry very much and it made me want to add some of My very own homemade granola/muesli mix to get that extra crunch.


That is not to say that the lime was not great. It was. I had expected a sharp citrusy flavour, the kind that gets your taste buds standing on alert, but that was not the case

The lime was mild and comforting. Almost like it was saying:  ”Come now, eat me up right now, slowly.”

It was a great flavor to savor. I would certainly have it as a dessert or a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack.

The  consistency of both yogurts was thicker that I expected. It was an interesting change from other yogurts in the market. I would certainly buy the Oikos brand again.

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